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Services: 24/7 monitoring, Backup Management, Security Hardening, Service tune-up

Reseller Hosting

Faster and Affordable Reseller Hosting Plans at cheap price with best service.

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VPS Web Hosting

Faster and Affordable VPS Hosting Plans at cheap price with best service.

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Dedicated Server

Faster and Affordable Dedicated Plans at cheap price with best service.

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Server Management Services

Our hosting plans all come with WordPress pre-installed, securely hosted and backed by our 24x7 expert support, get started with WordPress.

Basic Server Management

  • Setup and configure cPanel/DirectAdmin/Plesk Enable
  • Includes Free cPanel/DirectAdmin/Plesk License
  • 24x7 monitoring system and Important Reports
  • Fix all current server issues (and all issues in the future)
  • Configure all other plugins for free if client required ( Like CloudLinux )
  • Configure all other plugins for free if client required ( Like CloudLinux )
  • Keep software up to date.
  • Monitor apps running on the server by tracking status, uptime, and recurring issues.
  • Monitor server traffic for suspicious activity.
  • Configure web server (LiteSpeed , Apache or Nginx) ,
  • Enable cache manager for web server to boost your speed.
  • Prevent from Brute Force Attacks on your server.
  • Enable and configure Firewall protection
    (Protecting server from all kind of DDOS methods such as SYN attacks).

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Professionally Server Management

  • All Basic Server Management Options Included
  • Includes Free cPanel/DirectAdmin/Plesk License
  • Free CloudLinux+ LiteSpeed License
  • Free CXS License + Free Imunify360 License
  • Primary Website Migration Service(one time)
  • Monitoring the server and everything running on the server
  • Server Security Management
  • 2X Faster Response and Support
  • Ensure servers keep up with requirements as business needs evolve.
  • Maintain server hardware and address technical problems.
  • Minimize server slowdowns and downtime.
  • Enable and configure Firewall protection
    (Protecting server from all kind of DDOS methods such as SYN attacks).

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$6,999 /mo Buy WordPress Hosting

Our Support Services

We are available to manage your entire online server infrastructure to make your business rapid growth with 100% uptime.

Server Management

cPanel Support

Our Cpanel server management support team are available to help you 24*7 to provide you instant support for your server tasks professionally.

Server Management

Plesk Support

Our Expert team is available to provide instant support for plesk servers with plesk oynx latest versions .

Server Management

DirectAdmin Support

DirectAdmin is also being used in hosting industry , We have created DirectAdmin server management plans and support to meet the requirement.

Server Management

SolusVM Support

SolusVm is a one of the GUI software to manage Virtualisation based Environments , We do provide SolusVm servers management .

Server Management

Virtualizor Support

Virtualizor GUI management tool is also being used to manage your dedicated server nodes of vms.

Server Management

Microsoft Hyper-v Support

Its a Windows based server virtualization tool from where linux and windows based vms can be manage in virtualised environment.

Server Management

Amazon AWS Support

We deploy , manage and monitor aws servers operations with enterprise level support with 24*7 champion support

Server Management

Mircosoft Azure

Our certified team is available to deploy your apps and instances on azure cloud platform.

Server Management

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is reliable and widely used cloud platform for developers and companies . Our team is available to deploy and manage high traffic servers on digital ocean servers.

Server Management

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is enterprise cloud platform for the deployment of high traffic apps in secured manner , Our team is having expertise on google cloud instances and infrastructure management.

Server Management


ISPConfig is a free hosting control panel for managing server, we do provide support for ISPconfig panel based servers.

Server Management

Linode Server

The Linode server maintenance plans that we offer are made focusing on data security. You need not fear the data getting lost at any point in time or any intrusion

Server Management


Rackspace cloud servers management , clusters management and setup is being managed by our cloud experts.

Server Management

Webmin Servers

Webmin serves its purpose for ease on servers and can be installed on mostly used Operating system. We do provide webmin server management in efficient way.

Server Management

Other Servers

there are more server we can manage for you. Contact us for more information.

Need Custom management Featuers?

Our support team is famous for being fast, friendly and helpful. Every year, our customers confirm this fact giving us many five-star reviews and satisfaction rates close to 100%.

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Clear Your Doubts NOW!

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting is the most budget friendly option of all the web hosting services. In simple words, cheap hosting is another term for shared web hosting.

Several users are hosted on the same server and share the resources to minimise the cost. It is the most important factor that a person considers when starting out on creating a new website. For various purposes, like figuring out whether the idea will work and bring in the desired traffic, web hosting that does not cost a lot, is the best option.

Along with being budget friendly, cheap web hosting allows you to start small with sufficient resources and features to launch your website.

There are various misconceptions regarding cheap hosting, but let me clear them out for you.

Just because it is cheap, you don't have to compromise with the quality of the services

Shared Hosting: It is the cheapest web hosting service that is great for startups. When multiple users store their website data on a single server, and all the users share their resources, then this hosting service is said to be shared web hosting.

VPS Hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and this hosting service is preferred by those who experience heavy traffic on their websites. While using shared hosting user faces slow response rate and slow website loading time. This hosting service is quite expensive when compared to shared hosting as you get private space for your websites on the server.

Dedicated Hosting: The name itself defines a lot, Dedicated server, which means you will have your own server. This is an expensive investment for small business owners. Dedicated hosting is best for those who have more than 200K monthly traffic on their websites.

Not really. It will hardly take 60 seconds for you to build your online presence. Install the CMS (Content Management System like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.) of your choice and start working on your project today.

There are plenty of things that you must watch out for before selecting the right web hosting plans.

  1. Multiple domain hosting
  2. Pricing - long term contract
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Unlimited storage space.
  5. Free add ons and upgrades
  6. Support

Not surprisingly, many people worry that providing a cheap facility would compromise on the product’s quality.

While everyone loves to bargain a little, low cost can often harm in some way how your product is viewed.

Obviously, a product’s price doesn't always reflect its quality, for example the price ranges are set according to the currency norms of different countries. The products you buy in some countries might be available at even cheaper rates in some other countries.

If the product is in low demand the price could be lowered to persuade people to buy them, while if the product is available in surplus amount the price can be lowered to get rid of stockpile.

This doesn't mean the quality of the product is not good.

ServerEO provides a best-in-class affordable hosting service. There are plenty of spotlight features that ServerEO offers with its web hosting plan.

  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. 24*7*365 customer support
  3. Daily data backups
  4. BitNinja Protection
  5. One-click Softacoulus installation
  6. Most Friendly control panel
  7. NVMe SSD Powered Servers

You all might not be aware, but the owner of ServerEO, Adeev Ahnaf is working on the ideology of providing cheap web hosting service to everyone. It is a well-known fact that web hosting is an expensive service and ServerEO is working on a very low commission to make this service available for all. ServerEO is a reliable web hosting provider trusted by 50,000+ customers in real-time. And it is the fastest-growing hosting provider in India.

Yes, Of course! You can upgrade from your existing plans according to your needs.

If you want to increase your business and take it to the next level, for example if you have taken DAStart service from ServerEO and your requirements exceed the limit of your existing plan, then you can simply upgrade to DA professional or DAElite program for running your work smoothly.

You also get a discount offer of 70% on all services applicable on a 3 years plan

If you need any guidance, feel free to take help from their customer service

You will be surprised to know that ServerEO offers 24/7 customer support, daily backup facility, 99% uptime server, SSL certificate for free in all its plans starting from basic to premium.

Once you sign up with ServerEO, you can select any plan according to your need.

Get a free domain name once you get connected with ServerEO and select a web hosting plan for one year or on a tri-annual basis.

You can find your ideal domain name in the ServerEO portfolio and kickstart with your business instantly.

You simply have to sign up with ServerEO by filling in all your general details. Once you are done with it, You can simply contact our customer support agents for proper guidance about the price plans and services or take up a web hosting service or visit the official website of ServerEO.